Sunday, November 26, 2006

Joey's Last Feature.

Today was Joey's last "official" day as The Towerlight's Sports Editor; he graduates in December and tomorrow is elections.

Above, is the photo that I did of Eric Yancey to compliment Joey's last feature he wrote. Joey is still sticking around until he is officially gone, but he will be missed; this semester has flown by.

Of course, I had to have me and him pose in the same Yancey shot. It's a bit blown out...what else can I say, Kiel is no photographer (he can’t make the last touches the photo needs...haha)

[Joey and Me Posing]
[Yancey Inside Shot]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NCAA Round-Two Win.

What a game! I was talking to Joey before the match and I was telling him how pumped I was. I love covering all the Towson games, but there was something in the air. Towson Center field was packed for the NCAA round-two game against visiting Fairfield. As the match started, I knew it was going to be a good one.

In the 40th minute, on their third corner kick in a row, [Kevin Ruck] put a sketchy header into the net as it slipped through the hands of Fairfield keeper, Jon Paul Francini.

In the second half, a cross from the right hit [Pat Healy's] feet as he delivered a rocket to the chest of Jon Paul Francini; the ball ricocheted off his chest and to the head of diving Nino Mangione who drove the goal home.

Just when I thought the game was sealed, a penalty kick was issued for Fairfield. [Billy Chiles]made one of his biggest saves of season blocking it and then recovering his own rebound. The Tigers sealed the victory with that save.

The Tigers now 7-0-1 at home face Wake Forest in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

Good luck!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome to Basketball Season.

The basketball season will officially begin Monday night for the Tigers at the Towson Center with the Men taking on Hartford @ 7PM.

With that said, I shot the basketball preview cover today, as well as features for Gary Neal and Jamell Beasley.

Neal is the starting shooting guard and is entering his senior year as the highest returning scorer in the nation.

The cover shot can be [SEEN HERE]

O’Malley wins MD gubernatorial race.

It's 2:00AM, it's been a long day, I'll be back tomorrow to talk about it more..

EDIT: I wanted to update this with a couple more shots from the Maryland gubernatorial election parties.

We started out at the O'Malley party around 9PM, then went over to Ehrlich's party for a while, but it was pretty dead, nothing compared to the amount of people @ O'Malley. We then got a tip that O'Malley had the lead, so we rushed back over. We waited at least an hour, then slowly one by one his office, family, and friends came onto the stage before O'Malley marched up @ about 12:30AM.

Here is just a couple more shots:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It's November already. That means more football, more cold weather, turkey, and the start of snow.

I really have nothing to talk about today, nothing new, so I figured Brian was the only one worth mentioning, since I took a picture of him today. He is the editor in chief for the TL, one of my 12 1/2 readers and is the owner of TV Newser.

There you go, Brian. Free publicity. No need to thank me, maybe just link my blog to all the CBS/ABC/NBC/CNN/FOX people. haha