Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Emotion and Mistakes


Ever had a bad shooting day? Today was my day. I haven't been this disappointed with my overall shooting (in a one day period) for a very long time.

This shoot ended the day my long day. Not only was I frustrated with my classes, but my shooting (as mentioned). My mind was blank on a shoot idea, too. Normally I know exactly what I am looking for before even getting to a shoot.

I hope to make up for my bad day of shooting tomorrow with a woman who works for CSI. Got a 12:30 in a "you'll love it" forensics lab.

I forgot to change my sharpening from +1 to normal, and I forgot to change from 800 ISO to 400. Ugh. Petty mistakes I shouldn't be making. Thank god they are getting printed on newspaper.

I must say, I wasn't happy with this shot when shooting. But I am glad I got a bit of emotion out of him.


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