Monday, February 26, 2007

Tiger Lax Starts on Top.

"Towson junior midfielder Brian Vetter celebrates after defeating Loyola in their season opener. Vetter contributed a career high four goals, including the game winner, to lead the Tigers to a 9-8 victory over the Greyhounds."

Aside from Kiel getting his car towed at Loyola during the game (Thanks, [JOHN S.] for taking us to the impound lot) the men's lacrosse team defeated Loyola, 9-8.

I must say, I miss playing, but I still love shooting the game. It reminded me how much I actually shoot during one game because it's so fast, action packed.

Back to the towing. Loyola is one of the worst places to find parking. We ended up parking on Cold Spring along with just about everyone else.

However, Kiel still got towed and had to cough up $245. You would think that Loyola athletics would have an announcement around 4p.m. saying "anyone parked along Coldspring Lane should move their vehicles before 4p.m ... cars will be towed."

Last, too bad I am not a Canon shooter. The Mark III is pretty crazy. Listen to the shutter about halfway through in this [video]


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