Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tigers advance to CAA Championship

Long day.

Today and Monday were host to The Towerlight editor elections. These elections are held twice a year, two weeks before the end of the semester. They are so new members get the chance to step up in ranks and for other staff to replace parting seniors.

This election was normal for the most part. I was again re-elected as Photo Editor. There was not much change; everyone for the most part was elected to their same positions if not moved up ideally. Two seniors and friends will be graduating. [Darnay Tripp], past Associate Sports Editor, and [Brian Stelter], past Editor in Chief.

Aside from elections today was very busy. I had lots of work to be done, in addition with a late night lax game. Wednesday's and Sunday's are production days. These are long days to begin with, but what makes these even longer is when there is a late game.

The Tigers defeated visiting Hofstra 11-5 in the semi-finals of the Colonial Athletic Association Men's Lacrosse Championship. I actually didn't have a spread for this game, but was very surprised that the Towson ignited in the second half leaving Hofsta in the dust. My money would have been on the Pride after a come-from-behind-OT-upset in regular season action.

The [CAA] top-seeded Tigers will now face the Delaware Blue Hens in the CAA championship game on Saturday night at Johnny Unitas Stadium.

This Saturday is going to be LONG. Spring Towson football at noon, Towsontown Fest during the middle of the day and the CAA Championship at 7:30PM. I am sure there will be something else thrown in the mix, too.


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