Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Congrats, Newser

I thought I'd take a quick moment and give Brian his last deserving amount of free publicity on my blog. Today Yesterday Brian took a job with the NY Times as a reporter. The Sun article here.

If you are new to my blog or it has slipped your mind, Brian Stelter is a friend and was my "boss" aka our last Editor in Chief at The Towerlight.

I met Brian back in August 2006 when I transfered in to Towson and was welcomed into the paper with open arms. He always stood behind my work and made the paper what it is today. Sure it could have been better if he had not been blogging during production or class (I kid).

He worked hard with his blog gaining national recognition and brought a lot of attention not only to himself, but the paper, and Towson University.

Brian was always getting followed by some media outlet and was never arrogant about it. At least he never showed it to us. I think the NY Times cover story was probably the biggest I remember. Other than that, the one TV reporter was hilarious. "And sometimes when he is blogging, and sometimes when he's not..."

So, congrats Brian. Even though I already told you. I will never promote you or your silly blog on here ever again (unless it's well deserved). I know you'll kick ass. Maybe you can throw my link up on TVnewser before your last day?

In all that I also got the above image I took one day for him (he always wanted a new Facebook photo) used in a New York Observer article online.


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