Thursday, June 21, 2007

No sports. How about extreme sports?

I am always told to "stop shooting sports" because I shoot them way too much. I agree. Instead of listening I shot the 2007 AST Dew Tour downtown for The Towerlight's summer issue.

The tour is much like the X-Games and features extreme sports such as: freestyle motoX, skateboard vert/park, and BMX vert/park/dirt.

Today (day one of four) was a lot of practice and preliminary events. Unfortunately, everything got pushed back due to high winds and rain. I was really looking forward to shooting motoX. Oh, well. I'll be back for finals on Sunday.

Although I've been to the X-Games before I've never photographed an event like this. Speaking of the X-games, we went years ago when it was in Philadelphia. My uncle Jim, who was at the time president of Haro bikes (he currently co-owns Mirraco with Dave Mirra) got us free all-access passes. It was awesome.

So today I just went for something different. I went with my personal vision. If I saw it. I shot it. I shot the "original" before I shot the "typical." I think they turned out well for only getting to shoot skateboarders and BMXers. Let me know what you think.

I updated my SportsShooter page and you can look for the rest of the images on The Towerlight website and in our summer print issue due out July 9.


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