Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Air travel

I haven't taken many photos yet, but if you haven't noticed I am on vacation; posting will be slower than normal. I had posted from my phone earlier today, but I finally found a "hot spot" in the condo we are staying in. I don't expect this hot spot to stick around, so I'll probably have to find a Starbucks sooner or later. Also, I know this photo will not really relate. I was going to wait to post this or another photo like it, however I didn't want to post this depressing airport photo.

Anyways, as I sat on my [delayed] flight from Baltimore to Charlotte Monday I began thinking how much I dislike airports. Although most are formed with impeccable architecture and full of all sorts of interesting people, they are full of the rude, unhappy people, too. Now, I could be completely wrong. I love to travel; I think it is exciting. But I guess I never realized it until now since this was my first flight by myself. I've always had the company of at least one other person.

My travels started Monday morning at 6a.m. when my brother dropped me off in front of BWI. I walked in; it was packed. As I checked the flight schedule I could already hear the whining. "Oh, jesus. This is ridiculous," a man said at the US Air check-in. Apparently he wanted to make a scene like a five-year old so that he could catch his flight quicker. I doubt it helped. Sure, he was probably frustrated, but anyone with half a brain and the internet (you guessed it...I have a full brain and the web) could have checked-in beforehand and printed out their boarding pass to bypass that cluster of humans.

So, as I continued my journey toward the security lines with about 45 minutes to spare I was again surrounded by the miserable. Walking past about a hundred people, I tried to smile and make eye contact with everyone I could. It was as if all these people had just found out their entire luggage had been lost and that they had to pay an additional $500 for their flight. When I got to the back of the line an airport employee notified everyone that it was about a 25 minute wait, and to make the line move quicker one must remove their laptops from their cases and have identification and boarding pass in hand. Again, a huge sigh roared from the lines. I don't see the inconvenience; I just wanted the line to move along like everyone else.

At this point, I am almost becoming pissed at the already angry. But I wouldn't conform.

Fast forward, us passengers of US Airways flight 807 are boarded. I accidentally sat in the wrong seat when I sat down. "I know you're not in my seat," a man grumbled at me. "I am sorry, I must have sat in the wrong seat," I said. "Well then move," he said.

Wow, I'll give the man a benefit of doubt that it is early, but I was in the aisle seat and was supposed to be in the middle. Give me a break.

Finally, as we taxied to take off, I looked at my cell phone to check the time. Approximately 45 minutes late from original take off time. People are again complaining. My thought, there is nothing they can do now. Time has already passed. I am sure if we are late enough a complaint or reimbursement can be taken care of, but nothing can be done.

Alas, my flight landed and I got to typing this during my layover in Charlotte. I surprisingly didn't have any angry people on my second flight. I am beginning to think that all of my complaining about complainers only applies to 7a.m. flights.

Time for the beach. I hope this nice long post will hold you over. I'll be back when I get some better images of my vacation.


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