Sunday, July 29, 2007

Four ninety-nine

I'll admit that I don't watch nor follow baseball of any form; whether it's the little league world series, college, or the Major Leagues. So when I arrived at Camden Yards this afternoon for the game I had no idea what I was in for other than it was the NY Yankees.

As I sat talking with a couple other photographers during the 42 minute rain delay (I didn't see one sprinkle) I was afraid to ask what the chatter about A-Rod was all about.

Apparently, Alexander Rodriguez, aka A-Rod stands at 499 career home runs as of Friday. If A-Rod hits one more home run before June 29, 2008 (gee, that seems impossible) he will become the youngest player ever to hit his 500th home run, breaking the record Jimmie Foxx set in 1939.

Pretty impressive. However, Jose Canseco may say otherwise in his new book entitled "Vindication".

"I have other stuff on Alex Rodriquez" and "He is not whom he seems to be," Canseco said to Boston Radio. The announcers also asked Canseco directly: "Has A-Rod ever taken steroids?" Canseco said, "Wait and see."

Source of article: HERE


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