Saturday, September 01, 2007

No show

"Towson senior midfielder Pat Healy looks for an official signal as a Kevin Ruck shot bounces into an unguarded Mt. St. Mary goal during the 50th minute of play. Towson defeated visiting Mountaineers, 2-0."

After having two portraits fall through yesterday and my day basically turning into a total waste I couldn't wait to get back out to shoot the Towson men's soccer season opener today.

I've had a lot of sports on my schedule this past week and was anxious to try out my first soccer remote. It went well today, however with little success.

The only reason I didn't have much luck was because of the manner in which both goals were scored. The first goal at the 50th minute bounced in from 20 yards away (above) and the other rocketed past a static goalie. I will be using this remote every game in the future, hopefully getting that beautiful stretched, mid air, diving goal keeper, image before the end of the season.

Although I wasn't going to mention it, I wanted to rant a little about yesterday. I've never once had anyone bail on me. Of course I've had to reschedule things, but I've never had anyone not show or literally call and cancel five minutes before a prearranged shoot. Both of these people could have easily resolved any conflict by calling.

Person number one decided to call me five minutes before the shoot because of a medical illness. I talked to this select person twice during the morning in which they sounded perfectly healthy. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but still felt like I was being taken advantage of.

Person number two decided not to answer any of my ten phones calls nor return any of my nine messages. I was originally suppose to shoot this musical group, but called early in the morning canceling because of a conflict in my own scheduling. My message specifically said that the reporter was still coming down for an interview, but the portrait would have to rescheduled.

After my 4p.m. flaked out (aka person number one) I called the group manager back and let them know I was still on my way. I easily called them five times. But still got no answer or response. So I decided to just go down anyways since the reporter was still going down. When I say down, I mean Silver Spring, Md. almost two hours away. When I got there I began calling again. Still nothing.

To make a long story short, reporter and I sit for 45 minutes after the prearranged time and they never show. They claim it was because of my message saying the photographer was not going to be there. Ugh. Could have all be resolved by answering one phone call.

Basically I drove 200 miles and wasted seven hours of my day for nothing. I guess it was only right that I got two cancellations in one day.


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