Monday, October 08, 2007

Does summer ever end in Baltimore?

"Sophia Koman, 3, of Pikesville, makes her way through a straw maze Sunday at North Run Farm in Stevenson, Md. The farm is host to a corn maze, hay rides, a pumpkin field and other fall festivities."

Yesterday I started my morning in Stevenson, Md. searching for a feature, otherwise know as a standalone for today's Towerlight.

All I have to say is does summer ever end in Baltimore?

As I mindlessly wondered through the confusing corn maze, around the screaming children and across the dusty farm, I realized it had to be 90 degrees. Sweat profusely dripped from my forehead as I continued my end to end journey across the farm and other fall activities.

But I couldn't stop thinking of the heat as I patiently waited in the middle of the corn maze for some children to run by my impeccable photo spot. After twenty five minutes of standing in one spot, waiting for the perfect shot, I had to eventually move on and search out some subjects. Drats.

Normal high temperatures for October in Maryland average 64 degrees. According to, the record high is 90 degrees. I would like to see the exact numbers from yesterday.

As if the corn maze wasn't hot enough, I made my way over to the men's soccer game afterward. They ended up winning, but not after I lost five pounds from the heat.

Keeping this post short today...a lot on my mind and a lot to do. But I had a great time shooting in this abnormal October weather.

I can't wait to break out the jeans and lightweight coat once this heat wave passes. I love fall.


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