Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Early morning sprint

"Cpl. Brian Kelly, of the Towson precinct traffic team, left, and officer Gary Jacque investigate the scene of a pedestrian accident at Osler Drive at the Towson Center and Center for the Arts crosswalk Wednesday morning. A man driving a Honda Accord hit a female student as she crossed the street. The student suffered minor injuries was taken to Sinai Hospital."

Ever since our faculty parking spots were revoked, I've been forced to get to school early to find parking in the student lots. This means I am in the office from 9a.m. until class, which on average is noon. I do nothing more than waste time.

Well, all my time sitting in the office isn't unproductive. Usually my time sitting behind my desk consists of responding to numerous e-mails, editing other photographers assignments and doing homework.

This morning was different.

Not much happens news wise around campus. So when spot news comes up, I love it.

As I sat in the office 35 minutes before class, I get a call. "Pedestrian accident up the street." The call was promptly followed by my editor in chief running in the room telling me about the situation at hand.

The accident was approximately a half mile away. So with no where to park if I left, I grabbed my 70-200 and sprinted over. Of course, I was too late and was unable to get any sort of reaction shots or anyone showing emotion. I had just missed the girl being taken away according to a eye witness, too.

I think this image works though. Better than nothing, right?

This was the best accident situation I've been on to date. Not one word mentioned to me for shooting, and the police officers were helpful and friendly. I appreciate that more than one would think.

From what I gathered, it seems the student hit will be OK.


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