Saturday, November 03, 2007

Last lyme of defense

"Onlookers gaze over the edge of Rocks State Park's 190-foot king and queen seat in Harford County, Saturday, Nov.3. Fall foliage in Maryland is past its peak and leaves have begun falling at an accelerated pace."

I questioned posting this, because I am not much for shooting silhouettes and I just posted one. However it's fitting for today's post.

This morning I had planned to head down to the local Strobist meet, but I woke up an hour after it started. Sorry,guys. I figured since I had already overslept and had the day off that I'd just stay in bed.

After finally migrating out of my warm sheets, I procrastinated doing my homework. So I decided to head up to beautiful Rocks State Park.

Located in rural Harford County and conveniently five minutes from my house, it's a great place to spend an afternoon during the fall.

I love to go there and trek though the picturesque trails. Once at the top you can effortlessly climb a 190-foot rocky lookout point known as the king and queen seat, and gaze at the landscape in a way that a ground view can't provide.

It is especially scenic during this time of the year as the fall colors paint the skyline.

While I had a nice afternoon today, it was definitely the last place I should have gone. Littered with wildlife, and more leaves you can shake a stick at, I am sure there were thousands of ticks crawling around. In case you missed it, I had have Lyme Disease, which put me down for two weeks.

I say have because I am still on antibiotics, but feel normal now.

It's like when you eat a certain food and get ill. You never eat it again and can barely stand the sight or smell of it anymore.

One would think after being sick for two weeks straight from being bit by a tick, the woods would be the last place I wanted to be. Ha.

I look at it this way, I am not going to let an insect the size of a pin needle hold me back, and if I did get bit again, I am on antibiotics for just that.

Oh yeah. Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight.


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