Sunday, November 18, 2007

Replay comeback

"Cleveland Browns kicker Phil Dawson celebrates his 33-yard game-winning overtime field goal against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium, Sunday, Nov.18, 2007. Dawson kicked four of five field goals; one which sent the Browns to overtime, and one which won the game. The Browns won 33-30."

Sunday's NFL game between the Ravens and the Cleveland Browns was anything but a bore. Unlike last week's game, all I wanted was some action and touchdowns scored. No more field goals, please.

I got my wish... well, sorta.

An eventful first half led me to editing many images that would depict the Ravens winning or losing. At this point in the game I was just moving images that will go either way.

As I made my way back on the field late in the third quarter, I found myself shooting Kyle Boller getting hit and tossing a sloppy pass to no one. No one expect a Cleveland Browns defender whom returned the catch for a 100-yard touchdown.

Things did not look good for the home town favorite Ravens. Now down at this point 27-14.

As the game progressed, Ravens kicker Matt Stover would come on to knock down six points on two fields goals. Ugh, more field goals. These brought the game within one score. The Ravens, who had been trailing the entire game, would finally tie up the game late in the fourth quarter.

Some plays go by, and yep, another Stover field goal to put the Ravens ahead.

After firing the what would have been the game game winning point, a fellow photographer whispered to me.

"As a non-basis journalist, yet a local and Ravens fan deep down inside, I think it's safe to say the game is over."

I thought the game was done, too.

However, trailing 30-27, the Browns marched down the field to attempt a tying 51-yard kick. This is where things get screwy.

I had my lens aimed at Browns kicker Phil Dawson. The ball is kicked, he raises his hands, must be good. Then he drops his head. He missed. Game over.

I run to transmit my final images, but as I get into the photo room, I see a reply.

The ball hit the left upright, through the uprights and then bounced off the back support and back into the end zone.

The kick was good.

A surprise to me and everyone at the game, the game was headed for overtime.

From there, the game ended quickly and disappointing for the Ravens and their fans. Tough break, but the reply was right.

Good, exciting game aside from the controversy surrounding the call on the kick. Now I have a week off of Ravens coverage until the following Monday night football against the undefeated Patriots.


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