Monday, December 10, 2007

Soggy Sunday

"Indianapolis Colts running back Joseph Addai is hit as he falls into the endzone for a 11-yard rushing touchdown in the second quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium, Sunday, Dec.9, 2007. The Colts led 37-7 at halftime."

Soggy. Cold. Wet. Three words that describe last nights Ravens game.

After driving home from New York Sunday morning, I had just enough time to charge my batteries, format my memory cards and catch a quick nap before heading to M&T Bank Stadium for the game.

Coming off a loss last week to the (13-0) Patriots, the Ravens faced another NFL powerhouse team: the Indianapolis Colts.

Everyone had their eyes glued to the their computers before the kick off. They were all looking at the radar; the rain was coming. How long until it would actually fall was unknown, but we all geared up for it anyway.

The temperature was not as cold as last week, hovering around 40 degrees. But once the rain started to fall late in the first quarter, things just got sloppy.

Shooting in the rain has its perks, but tonight was not much fun. Unlike a warm summer rain, tonight was a cold, miserable December rain. Also, shooting in the rain means having a bulky rain cover, which is annoying, especially when it fogs up and you cannot review your images. And if those two things weren't enough to complain about, the game was a slaughter.

As miserable as everyone seemed, whether they were a fellow shooter or someone in the disappearing crowd, the game was fairly interesting to shoot. Peyton Manning threw three touchdown passes in the first half and their were a couple good hits.

I head in to file my images with three minutes left in the half and never made it back on the field. Chris Ammann and me decided to just hit the road, as we had enough images between the two of us, the game was a blow out (37-7 at halftime) and we'd get beat the traffic.

This wraps up my NFL shooting on the year, as I will be in Japan when the Ravens are back in town on Dec.30.

I might try to get some more images from the game up tomorrow, but it's finals week. Anyone who has ever been in college or is in college, they know how hectic things get.


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