Saturday, February 23, 2008

Loyola love

"Loyola College attackman Collin Finnerty (no.20) celebrates his game-tying goal assisted by Shane Koppens (no.8) during the second quarter against Towson University, Saturday, Feb.23, 2008. Finnerty's goal ignited a six-goal run by the Greyhounds and eventually to a 13-8 victory."

Yes. That is snow. Yes. It was too cold to be playing lacrosse. Yes. I still had a blast.

Despite a winter storm Friday, which was more ice and rain than snow, the NCAA lacrosse season still began in Baltimore on Saturday and I was pumped.

Temperatures hovered in the mid-30s, the field was soaked and the possibly of rain lingered in the air. Not a typical day for a lacrosse game.

When I think of lacrosse, I think of 70 degree, sunny weather; or as I call it, shorts and a long sleeve weather.

So when I woke up hearing the game was still on after snow and ice blanketed Baltimore, I was a bit surprised.

Having played lacrosse since the age five, I cannot remember playing or even practicing with snow on the ground aside from my senior year in high school. A blizzard covered the region and our practice field. Since high school lacrosse starts on March 1 every year, to be practicing on a parking lot for a month was extraordinary.

To this date, it was the only time I ever saw snow effect lacrosse, although I am sure it has effected the game when I was not actually on an organized team.

Nonetheless, I was happy to be outside and off the basketball court. Since December, my sports shooting has been mainly basketball. Although I don't mind basketball, being confined indoors really makes you miss outdoor field sports.

This afternoon Loyola College helped Towson University open their season; with a loss. This is Towson's 50th season and I needed not only to cover the action of the game, but try to recreate an image from the early documented years of the program.

While my recreation image (not pictured) is not nearly as cool as Scott Strazzante's "Another Country" I am positive it will communicate that the program has come a long way.

As for game action, I am happy with my take, but more happy with my jubilation images of Loyola. I don't know why, but lacrosse makes some of the best celebration images of compared to any other college sports I've ever covered. Whether it's a single goal during the first two minutes of play or a game-winning score in the remaining seconds,lacrosse players know how to celebrate.

They're are not always wild, but they are passionate.

Speaking of jubilation pictures, hopefully I'll make a couple keepers during the MIAA championship basketball game tomorrow evening.

edit: Last night the flu hit me like a truck. I'll be down for a couple of days, so posting may be slower than normal.


Blogger Chris Halkides said...

Nice photo. You are right; lacrosse players do seem pretty demonstrative.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 10:42:00 PM  
Blogger jaxsond said...

nice jube! sweet shot!

Sunday, September 27, 2009 10:48:00 PM  

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