Sunday, April 20, 2008

Driving Miss D.C.

"A young girl reads a book in front of the Second Inaugural Address that is etched in stone on the north wall of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Saturday afternoon."

Now I know why I don't visit the nation's capital much. Traffic. It's everywhere. On the highway, downtown and on the sidewalks.

But I can't complain because Saturday was delightful.

I've been trying to go to Washington D.C. for the past couple weeks because I haven't been in years.

The last time I visited was after a full day escapade of driving home from South Carolina. It was merely a pit stop rather than a visit. Nothing was open and it was hot and humid.

As I mentioned previously, I've really wanted to see the cherry blossoms. However, with work and tricky April weather, I haven't been to able get there until Saturday.

I finally turned down an assignment Saturday, so I could finally take a day off.

But I didn't get to see any cherry blossoms since the budding occurred nearly two weeks ago and last week a storm erased what was remaining of them off the trees.

I had fun aside from my stereo camera screwing up and the film tearing after shooting this image. I guess the film snagged on something after winding to the next frame. Sucks. I lost all my images.

On the positive side, I did get to eat at Temari Cafe in Rockville, which is the closest to real Japanese food I'll get to eat before I go back to Japan in June. It's one of the few Japanese restaurants actually owned and operated by Japanese, not Koreans or Chinese.

I had tonkasu (pork cutlet), which was the same last meal I had in Japan in January. It was so good.

Well, back to work and then to my soccer game. Its been a busy day.


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