Friday, April 25, 2008

Splash or blast?

"Towson University junior Alex Plimack enjoys the rain on campus as he leaps into the air with aim of a large puddle on Burdick Field on Sunday, April 20."

The buzz has begun at Towson. The annual concert and festival known as Tigerfest is set for Saturday.

Every year the school hires a group of local bands to open for a national act. Unfortunately, that band is usually despised and labeled as a disappointment each year. No joke.

Granted this will only be my second (and last) Tigerfest, I've heard the negativity dates back further than my presence on campus.

Last year, Dashboard Confessional took the stage as the main performance. They don’t rank in my favorite genre, but then again, I was shooting all day, so I could have cared less.

This year, The Roots will perform. They are pretty good, nice flowing music, but I couldn't name one song by them.

Can you tell I am not much into music?

Aside from the standard band hating, students love Tigerfest, unless it rains. Yep. You guessed correctly, it's going to rain Saturday. It's an excuse for students to get wild with peers and consume various drinks throughout the day.

But to someone who has covered tailgating at NFL games and the Preakness infield, the entire event is pretty tame. Not that I am promoting alcohol use at the event, but the festival is geared toward elementary and middle school children with free carnival games and such.

My question is what college kid wants to play on a moon bounce or have their face painted? No students really show up until the main performance and if there are people there beforehand, they are standing around intoxicated. Doesn't seem like any fun to me.

The school does provide a beer garden, but from what I gathered it's very strict.

But hey, this is coming from the guy that likes to look up words and usage on the Internet and shoot photos. What do I know? Ha.

Before the event, I'll be shooting what could possibly be my last college game of the season.

It was a great season of shooting, maybe I'll squeeze one more in. There is no way I'll make it Boston for the Final Four, although I wish I could (hey, Inside Lacrosse, if you're reading this and need an assistant or extra shooter...)

Alright (AP says ALL RIGHT, I don't go for that rule...), back to writing my final feature for class. Be back Sunday folks.


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