Thursday, May 01, 2008

Parking scene investigation

"Jennifer D. Bresett examines a piece of evidence from a cold case by performing an acid phosphatase light test in the crime lab at the Baltimore City Police Department Administration Building Wednesday morning. A serologist, Bresett is among the first that will graduate from Towson University with a masters degree in Forensic Science in May."

Why is it every time I go downtown to Baltimore parking is horrendous? At least I am getting better at scoping out parking spots in the city and I am one helluva parallel parker now. I couldn't have said the same when I was 16-years-old (watches the cone and flag begin to tip over during driving test...Hey, I still passed).

Anyways, Tuesday was my birthday, so I had the day off. I had one class at 3:30 p.m. but let my professor know I wasn't going there for other reasons (hey, I know you're reading Prof).

My birthday was relaxing. I stayed at home most of the day and then went to dinner. Of course I had sushi, even though I regret eating it in America each time week I bite into the savory raw fish. I miss Japan.

As for gifts, only the paper money and a kayak. I am pretty outdoorsy and thought it would be cool to get a kayak for the reservoir and ocean. To my surprise I got one. I am amped to try it out.

In contrast, I decided to buy myself a lazy, indoor type gift: Playstation 3. Why? So I could be among the 40 million, or some ridiculous number, to buy the new Grand Theft Auto game. I am not much of a gamer, never really was, but this system is pretty entertaining and plays Blue-Ray DVDs.

Now I just need to find time between shooting, class, my social life, and blogging to play. Heh.

My birthday ended in 24 hours, shocking right? And I went back to my daily grind Wednesday morning starting with a portrait at the Baltimore City Police Department Administration Building.

After struggling to find parking, I made it there only two minutes late. But for photojournalists, late always seems to be early and early always seems to be late. Go figure.

The story revolved around Jennifer Bresett, a serologist, and one of the first that will graduate from Towson University with a masters degree in Forensic Science in May.

I think the assignment was calling for a set portrait, but I opted to hangout for an hour and document her go through her day-to-day routine.

It was fascinating to see what she and others in the crime lab did to each case's evidence.

I also got a treat ending my assignment. A tour of the entire department.

Mark Profili is a family friend, director of Forensic Chemistry/Science Programs at Towson University and director of the Baltimore Police Department’s Trace Evidence Analysis Unit.

Before leaving, he introduced me to everyone and showed me around with Bresett. Half of the things the employee did confused me and all of the equipment and machinery puzzled me even more. But it must be rewarding to do what they do, especially in dangerous Baltimore.

Just a small perk of the job sometimes to see deeper inside an operation. Thanks again, Mr. Mark.

However, as I told Bresett, too much science for me. I'll stick to taking pictures.

When I left, I saw an awesome feature of two men repelled on a building roof washing it. I think it was part of the aquarium, but not sure. I tried to find parking, but failed to. So I never got to shoot it.

For the story, the above ran as the lead and this image (to be updated) ran with the jump.


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