Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dew the Dew: A look back

"BMX competitor Jorge Jovel takes a practice run during the 2007 AST Dew Tour: Panasonic Open in Baltimore, Thursday, June 21, 2007. Due to high winds the BMX vert prelim event was postponed."

Being ill probably is the worst thing ever.

The world goes on around you as you're confined to sitting in bed, couch indulging horrible TV programming and surfing the same Web sites in the pajamas you've had on all day until your mind goes into crazy mode as you wonder what the normal life was like before getting sick.

One place, other than Japan, I wish I was, feeling better and being myself this past weekend was the AST Dew Tour: Panasonic Open in Baltimore.

Obviously, I was still on the media list from last year as I received dozens of e-mails each day announcing new updates from the extreme competitions, thus meaning there was probably a media credential with my name on it sitting in a box somewhere at M&T Bank Stadium.

Although I was only stationed on the top-side of the vert ramp and street course for one day last year, it was one of the most entertaining, laid back sports assignments I had ever shot.

It was windy, so I missed out on the freestyle motocross and BMX dirt course, which I was really looking forward to shooting for the first time.

However, shooting these extreme sport events is something I hope I get the chance to cover again in the future.

First, the access was great. Any place I wanted to go at any point in time I was granted with it. Aside from the large ego, power-tripping S.A.F.E. employees, everyone who ran the event were super easy to work with.

The angles I was able to get were unlike the typical football game and since it's not something I would normally shoot during the week, there really is no repetitiveness to the skate, bike and motocross competitions. It had a nuance to it, too.

I made many great photos last year and saw many of my fellow shooters make even better images. As I mentioned, there were limitless possibilities in approaching each event.

Much like the X-Games, the Dew Tour is gaining lots of popularity and it showed in the crowd. Primarily set for a younger mindset, these athletes are very popular, yet not blown out of proportion like I see with some NFL players.

Overall it was refreshing event that I really missed shooting this year. Granted I would have missed it anyways being in Japan, but being stuck to my bed about 40 minutes away as I try to get better makes it even worse.

On the better side of the spectrum, I am starting to feel somewhat better. I guess the medication is starting to kick in and my bland, mundane diet is working. But it's all about the progress; small or large.

All I am dreaming of is feeling better, a large slice of pepperoni pizza and my D3 in my hand.

I guess I'll take it day by day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man sucks you couldnt make it out this year. I was there shooting photos and video for Ridebmx Mag. It was pretty sweet. Awesome after parties too.

Saturday, July 05, 2008 4:50:00 PM  

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