Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More storms crush area

"A Honda Accord sits crushed by a fallen tree on Loch Raven Drive following a severe thunderstorm that passed through the region Tuesday, June 10. According to a witness, the driver left the scene in a Baltimore County police car and was not seriously injured."

Sometimes you stumble across things you never would expect to see at unexpected times. Thus was true of my Tuesday evening.
It all started when I began driving to Howard County to help friend David Hobby on a shoot of his. However, severe thunderstorms passing through the area, state called for him to cancel the anticipated shoot, so I whipped a U-turn and headed for home.

As I crossed the Dulaney Valley Road bridge just before the Jarrettsville Pike, between Towson and Jacksonville, I opted to take the back way home with hopes of finding some sort of weather related feature.

There are always people out by Loch Raven Reservoir watershed rain or shine.

Passing the Towson Golf and Country Club I noticed a lot of sticks and leaves in the road and a couple of fallen branches. While not raining at the moment, the storm I had earlier ran through to get to my car must have done some damage to the area.

Then I approached the entrance to the park, where I normally just drive by, when I saw the flashing lights of a police car.

Instinctively I pulled into the nearby restaurant where two people stood looking down the road.

A car had been crushed by a fallen tree.

They told me before even getting out of my car that the driver was OK and that he had been taken away in a police car.

After I snapped a couple frames, I realized that I pulled up around the same time as Baltimore Sun staffer, Ken Lam. I sort of chuckled to myself at the irony that we were both standing there shooting the same inanimate object with our 70-200's then made eye conatct.

But I guess he beat me there as he had the driver in one of his images.

I moved two images, but don't think I made the deadline. Funny thing was I was going to call The Sun photo desk, too. I guess they were onto it, unless Lam was lucky like I was.

Couldn't connect any sort of human element to the photograph, but all in all glad the driver was unharmed.

It's not everyday you see something like a tree crushing a car and it helps tell the severity of the storms that passed through the state; whether or not mine will ever be seen beyond this Web site.

I guess this photo makes up for the comical image I missed of the pig littered semi-truck I saw on the highway where about 100 pig noses stuck out the side of the container and the super cool assignment with Hobby.


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