Thursday, July 03, 2008

Same place, new vantage

"Casting a line out into Assawoman Bay, a gentleman hopes to snag a fish before the sun completely sets over Ocean City, Md., Wednesday evening."

Going to a location over and over, staying at the same place and visiting the same places gets redundant. But going to the same place and changing your location can give you an entirely different vantage point.

Thus is true with my short trip to Ocean City, Md. this week.

With only a couple day left of my summer vacation before I am working probably almost everyday, I opted to jet down to the beach with Kate's family until Saturday.

The difference in this trip though is our location. Typically I stay near the middle of the city on 99th Street ocean side. This time we are stationed way south on the bay side on 3rd Street.

The difference is very unique and I find myself discovering a lot of small businesses and other fascinating landmarks I never knew about. And people. Did I mention people? Always interesting people near the boardwalk.

I finally got the chance to do somethings I've never done before, like walk out of the inlet rock-jetti, shoot the sunset on the bay and sit on the beach by the boardwalk.

While these may not sound all too exciting to the average person, doing something different is always fun.

To make it even more edge of your seat exciting, I took only my D3 and 50mm f/1.4 to get a same feel to my images. For some reason I haven't used my 50 and 85 fixed lenses much, but ever since getting back to full-frame, these two have been two of my favorite lenses again.

Now, my Internet keeps surging in and out in my current location so I am going to cut this post short. I'll try and update when I find a better location.

Until then, check out my other images that I am trying to get up by clicking here.


Blogger Christopher Blunck said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and even happier to see you are out shooting more often.

Julie and I have a place down in NC that we visit and getting out and shooting is always a choice between enjoying yourself and your family at home and enjoying your art. You look at the sky and see a beautiful sunset unfolding an hour before the event but then you look around at all your close friends and relatives and think "how can I leave this?"

Good to see you've found some kind of balance. Maybe you can offer me some pointers...

Thursday, July 03, 2008 9:55:00 PM  

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