Thursday, October 30, 2008

Woo hoo, witchy woman

"Tour guide and former Annapolis mayor Dick Hillman waits for his group to catch up as Pat Honeysett explains a legends and story to a group in Annapolis, Friday, Oct. 24. Annapolis Haunted Ghost Tour, run by Watermark Tours, is a walking tour that visits buildings and houses in Annapolis, including the Paca House."

Children are so greedy during Halloween. I know for a fact I was.

Here is a holiday (well, is it really considered a holiday?) that encourages folks to dress up, knock on doors and get candy for free.

On the other end of the spectrum, it promotes the idea of adults to dress as scantily-clad nurses, naughty bunnies, Sarah Palins, and Jokers, then drink excessive amounts alcohol (not for free) as if it were candy.

But if you can think back to when you were young, try and remember how greedy you were during that Halloween night.

First, you picked your costume. Despite what your parents said, you always were what you wanted to be whether or not you've been the same football player year after year.

Second, no matter how cold it was on Halloween night, you were not wearing a coat over top of your costume. That was just not happening.

Third, the objective of the night was clearly to get as much candy as possible. Yet when you got small amounts or candy you didn't like you always got upset.

Fourth, you went back to the house that gave out full sized candy bars as many times as humanly possible.

Fifth, the last to greediness. A bowl labeled with "Please just take one" really meant "I am cleaning you out, you should have answered the door."

And after all that selfishness, you only ate maybe a quarter of what you brought home. Not to mention, you had your parents buy your favorite candy so when they didn't give it all out you had some left over.

But aside from all that, I finally after years of wanting to go, got to go on a haunted ghost tour...for free.

Since I was shooting the assignment for work, I got to hang out with a small group and a real "witchy woman" who explained the legends and haunts to the group.

Only the thing was that I wasn't scared at all. I was never spooked. It was more or less a chat about what they claim to be the real haunts.

Granted, half the people in my group were over the age of 40 and probably came from the bars, I was expecting to be frightened.

But the only thing that frightened me was not being able to shoot ambient only during the black of night. I had brought a flash, but wanted to put my Nikon D3 to the test.

Equipped with a 35mm f/2 and the ISO cranked up to 6400, I was easily able to shoot in total darkness. Pretty amazing stuff. Even the tour guide asked why I didn't have a "magic candlestick" to help illuminate my subjects.

Anyways, I feel as if I am rambling today, so I'll end it with have a safe Halloween.


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