Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sleepless in Shinjuku

"A passerby walks past a glowing red advertisement sign in front of Shinjuku Station in Japan, Saturday, Dec.27, 2008."

We'll we made to Japan after being up for 30-hours straight and everything is exactly how I remember it - incredible.

Leaving Baltimore at 2:45 a.m. to get to the airport by 4 a.m. was tough. Then we had a layover in Houston and finally departed for Tokyo at 10:45 a.m.

Although the flight was a painful 13-hours, it was by far one of the most enjoyable flights I'd ever been on.

Each seat had a personal touch-screen LCD television that offered more than 250 movies and television programs among games and countless albums to listen to.

What got me through the flight included: The Wire, Entourage, Lost in Translation, and a couple other movies.

Once we got into Narita we picked up our JR train passes and hit the last leg of the journey - nearly two-hour train ride into Tokyo Station and then to Shinjuku.

To finish the night, we grabbed some sushi and then hit the hay. It was a long, sleepless night as we tried to adjust to the 14-hour difference, but we're adapting, slowly.

As far as shooting has gone, not much yet. Here is a quick image from the first night as we waited for our bus to takes us to the hotel. I only got about 50 frames off, but I'll be sure to try and update often as I can with more, better posts throughout our time here.

I must note though, my grammar and spelling will be atrocious I am sure as I adapt to the difference. It's really tough the first couple days.

Finally, will fly to Fukuoka this afternoon and then make our way up Honshu and back into Tokyo. Stay tuned.


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