Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's under a pony tail?

"Rachel Warns apprehensively looks over at her cousin Madeline Crowley as she prepares to have 10-inches of hair cut off for the purpose of donating their hair to Locks of Love for the fourth time at Shear County Styling on Feb. 13, 2009. The 12-year-old, seventh grade cousins first donated their hair when they were in first grade."

I was always glad I wasn't born a girl for the simple fact that I hate getting ready to go out. Hair salons are proof that being pretty can be an obsession.

Last weekend I drove to northern Baltimore County where money meets farm country. Where expensive a lawyer's car sits in a driveway across the street from a wooden cutout silhouette of a man shooting a gun that occupies the front yard of farmer Joe.

While diverse, one thing is common - there isn't much to do up that way. Friday night football is a main attraction every weekend in the fall.

As for my assignment, I had heard of before, but never witnessed it or read about in the paper. It was called Locks of Love.

I called it "LOL," although it should not be compared to the Internet abbreviation for "laughing out loud." This is a serious organization that makes wigs for children who lost their hair due to illness or chemotherapy with donated hair.

My assignment was a bit of a challenge. I was shooting a pair of giggling 12-year-old cousins, Maddie Crowley and Rachel Warns, rather than one quiet middle aged woman.

As they sat side by side at Shear County Styling in Parkton I tried to get them both in the frame so I wouldn't have to resort to a posed portrait.

The two girls were good as gold and acted as if I wasn't there the entire time. Although, one of the stylists was pretty salty. And when I say salty, I don't mean rude, but unpleasant. From the minute she saw me, she told me not to take her picture.

While the girls said they were excited before facing the scissors, neither were particularly nervous, or so they say. To me, Rachel looked a bit anxious and uneasy. I think I would be too if I was having more than half of my hair chopped off.

As they pulled back the contrast of thin blonde hair and thick brown hair back into pony tails and snipped them off, I had to do my best of not only avoiding the snippy stylist who didn't want her mug taken, but getting two giggly teenagers in one frame.

I made sure to get the obligatory cutting of the hair as they each had 10-inches cut. But these were some of my favorites.

After the snipping, I figured my job was done. Time to skip out and get a beer with friends. But then for some odd reason I thought I should get that classic, posed portrait of them holding their pony tails with their new short dues.

But that's when shooting two teenage girls in a salon came up and bit me in the ass. Each of them had their hair washed and styled, which took nearly 30 more minutes. I got it and then jetted. Thanks to one of the mom's for hurrying them along knowing I wanted to finish the assignment with a posed picture.

And to answer the title. What's under a pony tail? A pony's ass.


Blogger clickbangboom said...

Hi, I was wondering what flash slideshow viewer you were using. It looks really great! I saw under your source that it was soundslide, but what I've seen from them doesn't look the same as yours.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 12:54:00 PM  
Blogger Patrick Smith said...

It is Soundslides Pro.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 1:08:00 PM  

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