Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tax potpourri

"As the deadline date for tax season approaches, an employee of tax service cleans the windows of the business on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore City, Sunday, March 29, 2009."

I am blogging from another country. Close your eyes and take a guess. OK, you're back, what did you guess? If you said Canada, you're right. I am up here for five-days.

This post is going to be short, more or less a potpourri of things.

First, which links a few things together, last week I was headed to Fells Point in downtown Baltimore to cover a "flash mob" when I saw and shot the above from my car.

What is a flash mob? Well, a bunch of people gathering to do something silly and then walk away a couple minutes later like it never happened. In this case, it was playing kazoos.

OK, so what, is what you're probably thinking. Well, first off, I found out about it through Twitter. I've recently joined the network and finding it very helpful and interesting. I've added an icon at the bottom left of the sidebar so you can follow me now.

With that, I also found a great promotion and finally bought a Web site through LiveBooks. That's right, now I'll actually have a legitimate place to showcase some of my favorite pieces of work, all in one place.

As of now, I am waiting for the design call on Monday and once that is done, things will go live within the next couple of days following. So stay tuned. I'll be sure to announce the launch.

OK, so what, is what you're probably thinking again. Well, I will have the typical galleries; the sports, feature, news, etc., but I will also have a couple cool, non-standard, different galleries.

One of them being: While behind the wheel. Obviously, all the images will be from when I was driving, like the above.

I've always kept my camera on my passenger (or backseat if someone is with me) because you never know what you might see while driving. I've even made posts on here about my [bad] habit.

I may not post when in Canada, but then again, I might. If not, have a great holiday and enjoy this nice weather we've been having in Baltimore. I'll be in the snow most likely.


Blogger Bradford Pearson said...

I gotta find where that guy bought that outfit. I got some weddings to go to this year, and need a new suit.

Thursday, April 09, 2009 10:42:00 AM  

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