Saturday, May 23, 2009

Damn dam

"Fishermen cast their lines into the Susquehanna River at the Conowingo Dam in northeastern Maryland, Sunday afternoon."

I needed to burn some time, and being in the area of Conowingo Dam, I decided to venture down to the water.

Every spring, my middle school class would take a field trip to the dam and trek through the woods. They would show us mundane stuff like poison ivy and ants. Since I grew up running through the forest behind my house, this stuff was never exciting.

When I got there this time around, I realized I'd never been up close to the water or damn itself. That's what I always really wanted to see when we went.

So I made my way up close and personal and ended up talking with some fishermen. I hung out talking to one older gentleman for about 45 minutes and then snapped a couple frames on my way out.

Beat sitting in my car playing on my computer or driving around wasting gas.


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