Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going out on a loss

"Catonsville pitcher Kristen McCleary finds comfort in teammate KC Kolorek after losing to Franklin, 2-1, in the Baltimore County championship game at Catonsville High School, Wednesday, May 6, 2009."

With every win, comes a loss. I tend to focus more on the winning team, although it depends on my assignment.

After such a dramatic ending to the game, I wanted to put my attention on the losing team, since I already had my jube image.

There were some tears shed on the bench as the game ended and Catonsville failed to get on base in the bottom of the seventh inning.

But once the game ended, there were more tears, hugs and lots of heartbreak.

I wanted to make sure I found players who were really apart of the fight to stay alive, and what better than the pitcher and catcher who could not make the play to save their team from losing.

The fading light, the dark trees in the far off distance and shooting with a 400mm gave me the perfect background and made this image a great telling moment of the county championship game.


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