Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here comes the bride

"Newlywed Kristi Newcomb poses for a portrait after her wedding ceremony at Mount de Sales Chapel on Saturday evening."

One of the worst parts of shooting a wedding isn't shooting. It's the editing.

Fortunately with weddings, there is no need to write captions and then write cutlines for each frame, which does make live easier.

Unfortunately, editing down all your photos and then toning them can be time consuming and tedious.

Thankfully I love doing what I do and can normally make it a two day process with some good music going. A couple hours one day editing the entire take, and a couple hours the following day to tone.

Being a photojournalist, I like getting shots one would pass up on, like this frame. Right after their vows and the knot tied, the newlywed couple were heading out for portraits. While Dave was getting ready, I was getting the moments I thought they would love to remember, but may not necessarily remember.

Although I didn't shoot any portraits (that was Dave's job) I did manage to steal the bride and groom for a couple seconds to take this frame. I am not sure what my kick is with black, clean frames of recent, but I think they really liked this frame when I showed them.

Now let's see if I can squeeze in a bunch more posts before I head out of the country next week.


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