Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The cage

"Centennial players watch play during the bottom of the sixth inning in the 3A North Regional Championship at Fallston High School, Friday afternoon. Centennial fell, 6-4, ending their season."

In May, I jinxed myself. I was telling my buddy how I had not shot sports in a couple weeks, then I got six sports assignments in a row all within two days. This baseball game started my sports assignment fiasco.

To preface, I hate shooting baseball. I don't know why, just always have had this weird hate for it. Nonetheless, everytime I shoot a game, I try and shoot it differently with hopes of sparking a new interest for the game.

During this game I decided to climb the grassy hill next to the field (in one-foot tall grass and next to the main road) to get something something fresh, different than the standard play at second base.

For some reason, I kept looking at the players peeking through the fence. No matter what happen, between each pitch, I was trying to fill the frame with players peering through the fence.

I finally got a nice angle on it and waited for a player to be up to bat and on deck to help complete the frame.

Although I don't shoot much baseball, I've never seen a dugout protected by a chain link fence. Almost makes me wish they had that for photographers, because I am always afraid of taking a ball to the skull or even worse, to my long glass. Or wait, shouldn't that be the other way around?


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