Friday, June 12, 2009

Nightmare before the wedding

"Dave and Kristi Newcomb dance with friends during their wedding reception at Michaels Eighth Avenue on Saturday evening."

I recently shot a wedding with my buddy Dave Hoffmann and had a blast.

While I don't shoot that many weddings each year, I do enjoy documenting that special day for others.

Since I was technically the "second shooter" for this gig, I had fun taking some risks than normal. This frame being one of the more interesting ones in my book.

This was an outtake from the wedding. Dave and I were sharing some Alien Bee strobes at the reception, and as per usual when the drinks start flowing, I was flash dragging during the dancing.

I was getting some fantastic results taking the shutter way below where I normally would for this type of frame.

We must have fired a picture milliseconds between one another and I caught the tiniest bit of light to make this scary, yet interesting picture.

By far one of my favorite frames from the day. I am absolutely positive the client would not agree.

One more wedding photo then back to the normal stuff I promise.


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