Saturday, July 18, 2009

A very graphic graduation

"Soon to be alumna, a student makes her way to her seat during Perry Hall's annual graduation commencement at Towson University's Towson Center, Friday evening."

Playing catch up on the blog since I never blogged in Europe. This is one of the oldest assignments I have yet to post, too.

Graduations are long over here in Maryland, be it college and high school.

I was assigned to shoot a high school graduation at my college alma mater. The huge downside to this was that I had shot more than five (that I can remember) commencement ceremonies there in the past while in school.

But they aren't all the same you're probably saying. Well, you're 100 percent correct. They are not all the same, but the lighting, stage and way they conduct things are.

So I decided to make all my images from before the students got to the stage...except this one.

While I moved three images of students getting ready and goofing off beforehand, I couldn't resist the graphic view of my eye as students made their way to their seats.


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