Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet swim meet

"Making their entrance dives, Wynnewood's Dominic Klemm, right, and Navy Juniors' Kyle Leming compete in the Boys 8 and under 25 SC Meter Butterfly during a swim meet at Wynnewood Swim Club, Saturday morning."

If I would have known this was going to be my last freelance assignment in Baltimore before taking the job in Utah, I think I would have gotten in the pool.

Being my first swim meet to ever cover, I was pumped. I love getting to shoot something for the first time, no matter what it is. Whether it's completely new, or something old, yet in a new place. Nothing gets me going like a fresh challenge.

I got up early and gathered my stuff, including my Canon G9. I've had this kick for underwater photography ever since breaking my G9 back out recently.

Being a near perfect weather day, I thought of wearing my bathing suit and getting in the pool, but I figured that would only complicate things.

Swimming kind of reminded me of wrestling. It's non-stop, and if you blink, you can lose track of everything quickly.

While I was lucky to have the heat sheet (and some tips on how to track who and what I was shooting from friends beforehand), I still found myself asking parents every two seconds which race we were on.

Although I had a blast, and enjoyed hearing people say, "Oh, my! That photographer just put his camera in the pool!" And having kids say, "Hey, Mr. You should put that (pointing to my D3 w/300mm f/2.8) camera in the pool!" I thought things could have gone better. Not to mention, I had been offered the Utah job that morning.

Maybe I wasn't focused because I was thinking about a life changing move to Utah. And I am sure that's how I dropped my 24-70 f/2.8, too. Being clumsy with 100 different things on my mind. (The lens is now fixed!).

Whatever the case. I am glad I ended with this assignment in Baltimore. Sure, in my mind I could have done better and focused. But I'll miss the water being land locked in Utah and this will be a reminder of home.

Today is my first day as a staffer at the Provo Daily Herald. Wish me luck!


Anonymous Bill M said...

Hey, have a great day at work.

To see an awesome indoor swimming pool - visit the Riverton Community Center.

Other restaurants to try:
- Melting Pot (downtown SLC, near the Delta Center)
- The Garden Inn (I think that's the right name - it's at the top of the building overlooking the SLC Temple - try the creme brulee.)
- There's an ice cream place whose name escapes me not far from Temple Square. It's been there for a long time. Ask the people in Temple Square, they'll tell you.

Park City is amazing - worth a visit.

Alta is a great ski place - and there's no snowboarders to get in your way. Reasonable ticket prices, HUGE mountain. It's like skiing on pillows.

You'll have fun.

Monday, August 17, 2009 12:48:00 AM  
Anonymous WaveLight said...

Welcome to Utah! Are you deep into total culture shock yet? :D

Congratulations on your new job and hope you get settled in soon.

Remember that the tall mountains are on the East side of the valleys and the shorter mountains are on the West side and you'll never get lost.

Check out the Salt Lake Weekly magazine for lots of local culture and great music / food / events recommendations.

Monday, August 17, 2009 2:48:00 AM  
Blogger Scott Unrein said...

Love your photos. A couple technical questions.

What are you using for the photo galleries in your blog posts? Second, what type of housing are you using with your G9?

I found you from the Strobist blog. Grats on your new gig.

Monday, August 17, 2009 3:30:00 AM  

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