Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The pool

"Seen from below the surface, kids and other patrons swim at the Rock Spring Swim Club in Bel Air, Md., Monday morning."

Last week I had a day off, so I opted to head to the local pool.

What was supposed to be simple task of testing my Canon G9 w/ underwater housing, turned into a fun, little multimedia feature about "the pool." Well, that was until I never made it back to the pool.

I had this cool idea and wanted to run with it, but each time I planned to go back, real work came in.

I am enroute to Aruba today and wanted to test out my Canon G9 w/ underwater housing before leaving. I have used it once in the past (read: last year the day after I bought it) and remembered it floated very easily.

So prior to heading to the pool, I went to Home Depot and made a weight kit for for a couple bucks (since Canon's version is $25).

It worked perfect. Nothing like a couple washers and a bolt to do the job. As I swam around shooting stills, I remembered I also had video on the G9. So then I began shooting video. Before I knew it, I had this entire idea about a little multimedia project.

As I mentioned, I had planned to go back to shoot some more video and then talk to some kids on the record about "the pool." But that never happen. So now I am left with some random underwater pictures, no audio and some decent, but not enough video.

Maybe I'll keep my pool idea on my BlackBerry's "to do feature stories" list until another day.

Alas, some pictures.


Blogger Christopher Blunck said...

This might've been my favorite post of yours. Very unique and unusual dude. Sorry to hear we're losing you to Utah...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:19:00 PM  

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