Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poopy pig

"Inspecting the rear end of his pig, Timothy, brother of Travis (left), tries to get his hogs ready prior to the open swine show at The Mason Dixon Fair, Thursday night."

A couple weeks ago, on a random Thursday night I roamed around "The Mason Dixon Fair" with my girlfriend for an hour as we had a fix for some good people watching and carnival food.

This is an annual fair directly on the Mason Dixon line, not far from my old high school, that is typical of the area: lots of tractors, livestock and rednecks waving their confederate flags.

While chomping on some pit beef sandwiches and funnel cake, I spotted these two kids, Travis and Timothy, with their two pigs, in the pen. I thought they were endearing in their little cowboy costumes and pigs, so we stopped to watch. I shot a couple frames and then quickly lost my appetite.

As one of the pigs started taking, for a lack of better words, a poop, Timothy picked up the pig's tail and decided to inspect things out.

I think a crop could strengthen the frame, make it more immediate, but I keep going back to this full-frame version. My cutline is also lacking, as I simply threw a card to the kids mother since I was not working and trying to enjoy the fair.

This is where I would usually continue to talk about the events I witnessed, but I think I'll let you imagination run wild here.


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