Monday, July 20, 2009


"Justin Miluntoni of Perry Hall, Md., tries to catch a quick nap prior to walking the stage during Perry Hall's annual graduation commencement at Towson University's Towson Center, Friday evening."

As I discussed in my last post, I ended up challenging myself to make all of my images that I would move to my editor from before the actual ceremony of graduation.

To be honest, before and after the commencement is by far more visual and easy to find a moment, rather than wait for some random graduate to cheer or do something quirky on stage and then motor driving.

Typically, I'll shoot before and only stay halfway through the stage walk, or get there late, and shoot the second half of the name calling, stage strolling and shoot the accolades from parents.

In this case, I went early. Ironically, nothing was happening. Students simply stood around like zombies.

Justin Miluntoni caught my eye as I made my way into the changing room. I am usually hesitant to shoot sleeping people for some odd reason. Maybe it's because I enjoy my sleep and don't ever want to be woken.

Whatever the case, I thought this picture was funny. In high school all you want to do is sleep in and skip school every day. But your parents always force you to get up and go, making you late.

Nothing like procrastinating and risking the chance of being tardy on what some may call your last official day of high school.


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