Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Climb alone

"Leta Shepherd of Provo climbs Tinker Toys Slab by top roping in Rock Canyon Park, Aug. 17, 2009. Only climbing for four years, she got into climbing after meeting her husband, Nate."

I knew it was coming. No, I am not talking about my first day. I am talking about feature hunting on my first day.

My first day at the Provo Daily Herald was on Monday. I was informed it would a be light day: paper work, introductions and getting used to their ways of filing and such.

It was just that, and I was OK with it. While I did want to jump right into shooting, another part of me wanted to get acquainted with everything new.

But in the back of mind, I knew that I really couldn't just sit there. Yeah. I was asked if I wanted to go feature hunting.

In my opinion, feature hunting is great. Lots of options, freedom. Back home, it was easy knowing where everything was. The people, the events, the parks, etc.

However, being somewhere new, I was terrified. I knew where nothing was. But a small part of me thought, "Well, then it should be simple if everything is new and exciting."

Luckily, my editor told me to check out a certain park in the canyon where people rock climb.

To make a long story short, I found two young, college guys who were going climbing. I followed them up, talking, jotting down some quotes and just getting a feel for what they do. After almost passing out from the 45 degree, steep grade hike, I started shooting.

But off in a distance, I spotted Leta Shepherd (above). I won't lie, her hanging on the side of a rock face was a way better angle and picture than the two guys. So I hiked back down, walked a half mile up the trail and then hiked up the other side of the canyon to get her info and chat.

It was exhausting and I had to explain to her I wasn't used to the elevation as I almost blacked out and tumbled down the mountain.

Alas, although it was only for a climb stand alone, it was a great little adventure. I cannot wait to see what big (and other little) adventures I get into at my new home.


Anonymous Sam Hodgson said...

sounds like a great first day Patrick. Nothing like a new place to jog your creative juices.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:25:00 PM  

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