Friday, September 04, 2009

They call her flipper

"A Lehi defender (not on roster) flip throws against Timpanogos during the second half at Timpanogos High School, Tuesday afternoon. Lehi won 3-0."

I don't know why, but out West (as apposed to "back East") the girls play soccer in the fall and the boys play in the spring.

Back in Baltimore, it was hard to keep track of the superstars, let alone each and every team. I thought I once read that Baltimore County hosted one of the largest number of prep teams in the nation.

Any who, here in Utah I've already covered some of the same teams. Enough times that I already know who the go-to-players are and who will probably win the game.

I even called the winner to the reporter (I should have bet him) before this game.

Anyways, flip throwing seems like the cool thing to do here. I've seen this girl do it about 15 times in two games and needed to make a frame of it sooner rather than later.

I wish I could do it. But I'd probably break my neck.


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