Friday, October 02, 2009

Construction kick-off to BYU kick-off

"Brigham Young's Jordan Atkinson (No.43) is greeted by fans before the game against Colorado St., at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009. BYU won 42-23."

Another week, another Saturday BYU football game.

I've been in sort of a funk since last week. I haven't had any assignments besides ribbon cuttings, food reviews and construction kick-offs.

It's a poor excuse to blame assignments, but my photos haven't done anything to excite me. I feel like it's mundane, mindless shooting. I'm not doing anything to catch the readers attention, nor inform them. It's my fault they, well, suck.

I really cannot complain though. I've had killer assignments ever since getting here in August. I am fortunate that I had over a month of incredible assignments.

Slow weeks happen and it's apart of the job. We all shoot building and road mugs, food reviews and media surrounded pressers. Nothing we can do but suck it up and do our best.

So with that, I couldn't wait to shoot BYU to end the week. The only problem was that my shooting still wasn't up to my own standards.

This week has started off slow, but I made a frame yesterday that perked me up, not to mention, I am doing my Monday Close Up on an awesome subject all weekend.

On a related note to the picture, no salted meats, cheesy mashed potatoes, or post-game doughnuts for me at the BYU game this week. I'm working the day shift.


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