Saturday, September 12, 2009

Curse twist

"Lone Peak wide receiver Russ Walker (No.80) tries to pull in a pass against Brighton during the second quarter at Lone Peak High School, Friday, Sept.11, 2009. Lone Peak won, 23-7, ending Brighton's three-game shutout wins."

It’s a shame the nice light only lasts about 15 minutes during prep football games now. Before we know it, it will be dark at kick-off.

The curse has a new twist though. Lone Peak did not allow me into their pre-game ritual, so I was sure they’d lose. But Brighton also didn’t allow Detrick into their locker room either. My theory is that if both teams deny, then the curse is null and void. We’ll see.

Anyways, I struggled last night to make anything decent. Even when I did have something, it didn’t tell the story of the game whatsoever. Much like the above. Detrick pretty much kicked my ass last night.

This morning I checked out his stuff…he must have cropped every photo. Why? Because he shot the entire game with a 16mm…on a monopod! OK, I kid, I kid.


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