Thursday, October 01, 2009

Just crusin' around town

"Harold Hines of Provo cruises down 300 West with his dog on Tuesday. “I am just riding around enjoying the weather,” Hines said. “I ride a lot, mostly around the block or to the store.” For the first day of fall, temperatures were cool on Tuesday, only reaching the low 70s. However, temperatures will rise to the low 80s by the weekend."

I'll always hold this true: When you're sent out to find a feature, you will struggle. When the paper doesn't need a standalone, and you're rushing around town to other assignments, you'll find a feature.

This was certainly the case the other day. I had a morning assignment in Salt Lake before heading down to the office. The day was slow and I was assigned to standalone the night before.

I thought I'd go back to the office, dump my first assignment, and then head out to hopefully find a feature.

Well, my editor told me there was no more room, and instead I'd get a food review.

Inside I was sort of cheering. I wasn't being subjected to scour the area for a standalone. But I was also bummed that my day had and would only be what I call a PJ'ers dream day (I say in jest): A presser and a food review.

But it happens, it's part of the job. Not everyday is excitement and thrills.

Nonetheless, as I am driving to my food review I see an older gentleman riding his lawnmower on the sidewalk. I laughed. Oh, Utah. This is classic. But that's when I realized he had a puppy in a cardboard box up front with him.

I immediately turned around, chased him down, pulled over my car, and proceeded to try and catch up on foot. Sprinting down the sidewalk trying to get ahead of him as he now drove in the street.

Not the most graphic, or technical image, but I thought it was a nice slice of life. And we did manage to find room for it, and on A1.


Blogger lopo said...

I am jealous you have this photo/met this guy...this is right up my alley, damn it!

Friday, October 02, 2009 5:44:00 PM  

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