Saturday, September 19, 2009

Story time

"Carmen Agra Deedy tells a story of her childhood during the 20th Annual Timpanogos Storytelling Festival at Mt. Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon, Friday afternoon. The festival is the largest storytelling festival in the West and the second largest storytelling festival in the nation."

I wasn't sure what this assignment would be all about, but had some fun. I didn't stay long since I was toting the intern along and he had another assignment to get to.

Basically, listeners gathered beneath large white tents up in the canyon at the park to hear stories from musicians and puppeteers, and everything in between.

One woman I spoke with: "We've come since its start, it's a family tradition," Candice Boucher of Provo said. "Like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it's a timeout from life that we can't live without."

I didn't really know that story time would and could be so Christmas. Well, I mean, I love a good story, and always thought of myself as a good story teller.

Maybe next year I'll get to check it out while not working.

And it must have been good. Half the kids were sleeping.


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