Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sulfer swim

"Relaxed, a man enjoys the warm waters of the Fifth Water hot spring in Diamond Fork canyon in Spanish Fork, Utah, Saturday afternoon."

Went and checked out some hot springs while Kate was in town a couple weeks ago.

The hike was only two miles, but it seemed much further, especially for her since she is not used the the elevation. I don't think she said more than 10 words on the hike up as she gasped for air.

Nonetheless, we made it. I thought it was very relaxing, but since the air temperature was 90 degrees, it was a little hard to thoroughly enjoy it. It felt better in the cold waterfall.

Alas, I'd like to get back up there when there is snow on the ground. I'd also like to see all these "naked hippies" everyone talks about, too. And, I want to take the D3 or D700 up there. This time I only took a couple snaps with the G9.


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