Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shooting sick

"Bonneville goalie Kelsey Bentley sheds her pain after Timpanogos scored the game winning goal against Bonneville with less than a minute remaining in the game during the Utah 4A girls soccer finals at Rio Tinto Stadium, Friday eveing. Timpanogos won, 2-1, and were crowned the 2009 4A state champions. "

A couple weeks ago I didn't have fun at my assignment.

Why? I was deathly ill. To be honest, I have no idea where it stemmed from. All day prior I had been feeling great.

As the day progressed I got a killer headache and just began feeling horrible.

My assignment was to cover the 4A state girls soccer championship. But I couldn't really concentrate feeling as horrible as I did.

I was pretty upset that I was ill and was covering a game that would boast some great emotions, celebrations and great light. At one point even thought about leaving because I felt so bad, but knew I had to do my job.

Alas, my frames weren't up to par and I ended up talking to my toilet and bathroom floor all night.

Luckily, sports seasons come and go, there will always be more championship games.


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