Friday, October 30, 2009

Waiting game

"Springville seniors Brody Swanson (No.15) and Jeff Gueck (No.85) wait for the national anthem to end before heading out of the team locker room and onto the field against Salem Hills at Springville High School, Thursday night. Springville won and were crowned the regional champions."

For some reason I never used to shoot features before sporting games. But ever since getting to Utah I find that part of the game to be more eye opening and exciting than the actual game.

Last week, I went into Springville's locker room even though the coach didn't really seem like he wanted me there, yet allowed me to be in there anyways.

I didn't get much in their locker room, which was more or less a class room.

But I liked this one as they patiently awaited to take the field.

I am heading back to Springville today for some more playoffs action.


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