Sunday, November 15, 2009

Timps view of Badger

"Timpview defensive back Chris Badger hopes to help lead the T’Birds to a fourth straight Utah 4A state football championship. They face Springville Friday, Nov.11."

The odd thing about me, is when I first started shooting photos I was heavy on lighting everything. I was, if you will, a Strobist.

When I first started I was terrified of people and can distinctly remember sweating buckets when I was one-on-one with subjects for a portrait.

In addition, I could remember racking my brain trying to figure out all the sweet ways I could light a subject. I'd sit all night (read: every waking moment I had in advance) trying to think how I'd shoot, let's say, one football player. I'd put a lot of time an effort into planning the perfect shoot.

But things have vastly changed with my ways of shooting since my start.

Not only do I not use my lights, pretty much never, but I love meeting new people and sitting down to chat with them before even shooting a frame.

Nowadays, I just go with the flow when given an assignment or sportrait. Much like last week.

Although I only knew about it 30 minutes before shooting it, I simply took work's lighting kit, in addition with my small strobe kit, and headed over to Timpview High School.

After five minutes of prep with my hand standing in as a model, I gathered Timpview defensive Chris Badger, shot as I saw it, and let him get on his way.

The above ran lead, although I originally liked this one better.

So I guess sportraits are my exception to using lights still. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be back to using them more again.

Edit: Ironic. Trent talks a little about the same being an improv photographer, and he lit his picture in his post. Check it out.


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