Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Close-up: Handcrafted by F.B. Johnson

"Francis B. Johnson creates all things wooden, and loves wearing them around town. 'I have different bolo ties for different seasons, but I like Santa the most,' Johnson said. Johnson stands outside the Pleasant Grove Post Office, Friday, Dec. 4, 2009."

I've been sort of winging my Monday Close-ups.

Every single one I've found while at the Provo Daily Herald I've found the week before I've needed to do it; and I think I'll keep it that way.

My interests are always changing. Some months I'll love something, and the next I'll hate it.

So the best way to keep me interested in my monthly, light heart feature is to find those subjects while on my daily grind.

As for this month, I was really struggling to find a story. That was until I saw Francis Johnson at the post office.

Standing in line, I overheard a woman comment on an older gentleman's bolo tie. It was a small, wooden Santa Claus.

He looked like a character, so I followed him out and also complimented him on his bolo tie and asked if I could take his picture. Without hesitation, he said, "OK."

I talked to him for a couple minutes and came to realize that he made it himself and has made many more.

From there, I knew he'd be my December Monday Close-up subject. Only, I came to find out that he did more than just carve bolo ties, he has made just about everything under the sun from wood.

Much like every story I have ever done, I found out there was more of story to Johnson.

In his case, his everlasting love for his wife who now suffers from Alzheimer disease. While I wanted to shoot and write more about that relationship, my time frame for getting the story was short, so I didn't include that much.

Above is a smattering of images, some that ran, some that didn't and others that I just simply liked for one reason or another.

Click here to read the story.


Blogger mattrothphoto said...

Way to get in, brother. I love that shot of F.B. pullin' his lady up from the couch.

Thursday, December 24, 2009 4:16:00 AM  

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