Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poinsettias or poinsetas?

"In a sea of bright red poinsettias, Ludene Moon of St. George finds the perfect plants for her home at the UVU Teaching Greenhouse in Orem, Tuesday afternoon. The USU/UVU Horticulture Program is selling poinsettias in the teaching greenhouse located directly behind Parking Services on the east side of campus for approximately two weeks."

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Utah. Well, most of it is from the snow.

People do have their decorations setup and there are some pretty impressive houses around town. One that even has music synced up with it. It's really something.

Or the other hand, everything in this damn state shuts down on Sundays, that includes both primary Christmas radio stations. It really irritates me.

Any who, it's always a relief when I have to go out feature hunting, but I am given a list of possible ideas by my editor. In this case, a poinsettias green house.

I wasn't there long, but it was nice to avoid the cold, snow and not spend all afternoon unsuccessfully searching for a feature.

And I know it's spelled poinsettias, but is it pronounced: poin-setti-ahs or poin-set-ahs? Enlighten me, please.


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