Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warming up in Provo

"A Provo wrestler prepares for his match against Mountain View at Provo High School, Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009. Provo would end up losing."

I remember the first time I shot wrestling...last year.

Having never shot it before, I went to my good friend Matt Roth for advice. He had nothing but good things to say, and even gave me tips for keeping track of whom would be wrestling who.

Alas, I fell in love with the sport after my first match. There is just so much pain and agony that also runs parallel with joy and victory.

I've been waiting for the season to start. While I only had 30 minutes to shoot my first bout here in Utah, and although it was a landslide team win, I had fun.

Thanks to my editor for letting me borrow her car, too. That was the day my new Subaru broke down and I was left without a car until the next day when I could get a rental.

I can't wait for more action on the mat this season.


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