Thursday, January 28, 2010


"Jones Lewis,6, of Spanish Fork stares into the camera before posing with his siblings as they showoff their mother's homemade donuts at his home, Monday, Jan.18, 2010. The foursome raised $500 by selling donuts and hot cocoa and will donate the proceeds to Haiti."

Sometimes all it takes is one person to brighten your day.

Last minute, I was sent down to Spanish Fork to take a portrait of a brother and sister foursome that raised $500 by selling donuts and hot cocoa. Who cares, right? Well they donated the proceeds to Haiti.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Well, they were a fun bunch, but the youngest Jones, 6, was an absolute riot. There are some kids who just try too hard to be funny and get annoying very quick. But Jones was flat out silly to begin with.

While he didn't follow direction very well, he did help put a smile on my face with some of the stuff he said and did.

Thanks, Jones.


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