Saturday, February 06, 2010

Monday Close Up: Innertube water polo

"BYU undergraduate Marcelo Gomez of Mikasa eyes up the goal before taking a shot against The Blue Team during a coed innertube water polo in the Richards Building on the campus of BYU, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010."

One would think finding a Monday Close-Up story would be easy, right? But when you're asked to pump out a second close up in the same month, then two other ideas, subjects cancel on you the week your story is due, it's time to fumble and rush to find something.

Last year, when looking for stories, I found this unique sport over at BYU called innertube water polo. Brilliant.

However, it wasn't being played until January. Luckily when I called over this month, they had a game Thursday night, and my story was due Friday. Talk about last minute!

My first thought was, and I think Melissa Lyttle coined the phrase, "WWSD?" As in, "What would Sol do?"

Sol is committed to traveling to the world to find the most unique and bizarre sports. This would have been perfect. Check him out at "The Wild Weird World of Sports."

Anyways, besides all of the "rules" that I had to follow, and their strict enforcement, I cranked out video and stills in a little over an hour, and then went back Friday to do my interview of a player and piece it all together.


Blogger scott neumyer said...

#11 is EPIC. Fave!

Saturday, February 06, 2010 6:08:00 PM  
Blogger Sol Neelman said...

The trick - if there is one - is to have as much fun shooting these weird sports as people are playing them. But I can see you figured that out all on your own. Nice work, man.

Saturday, February 06, 2010 8:11:00 PM  

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